How to Set Up a Mail and Package Forwarding Address

Package Forwarding

Reciving mail and packages promptly can be challenging for frequent travelers, expats, business owners, and regular shoppers. Traveling often or living in a different country can make it difficult to keep up with important mail. Similarly, owning a business can add to the challenge of receiving packages on time.

Having a reliable package forwarding address is important. This ensures that you receive all deliveries and important mail. This is especially crucial to redirect mail to your new address.

When setting up a mail forwarding address, start by selecting a reliable service provider that fits your individual requirements. With so many options available, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, compare rates, and prioritize secure mail handling.

At Collect and Ship, we make sure your mail and packages are safe and secure. We provide a reliable mail forwarding service and package forwarding service. You can easily Create a Free Account and start enjoying our affordable package and mail forwarding services today.

Once you sign up with Collect and Ship, you’ll receive a unique UK and Saudi Arabian address that serves as your virtual mailbox. With this address, you can receive mail and packages from anywhere around the world with ease.

When your mail or package arrives, we will quickly let you know and give you choices. When your mail or package arrives, we will promptly notify you and provide options.

You can keep your items at no cost for up to 28 days. Alternatively, you can choose to have them shipped to any location worldwide for a small fee. Collect and Ship guarantees convenience and flexibility in managing your mail and packages.

With Collect and Ship, your mail and packages will be safe and secure, handled with care and efficiency. Our team is committed to safely storing your items until you are ready to decide, providing excellent service.

Say goodbye to the stress of missing important deliveries or worrying about the security of your packages. Trust Collect and Ship to simplify your mail management needs and provide you with peace of mind wherever you are in the world. 

Easily track and manage your mail and packages with our user-friendly online platform. You have full control over when and where you receive them.

You can choose how you want your mail handled. This includes scanning, shredding, or forwarding it to a specific address. Our safe buildings make sure your things stay secure and private, so you can feel calm and reassured.

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