Estimate Your Shipping Costs

Our shipping rate includes the following services:

  • FREE storage for up to 28 days!
  • FREE photos of your packages once we receive them at our warehouse!
  • Package consolidation and repacking for low fees, which helps you reduce the total shipping cost
  • Optional shipping insurance on your packages during international shipping

How to calculate the shipping cost:

The total shipping cost includes two parts: the package handling fee and the shipping rate. The first part, below, details the package handling fee, while the second part offers a shipping price calculator for estimating the shipping cost.


A small Parcel that is less than 2kg in weight and within 45cm in length, 35cm in width, and 16cm in thickness was received and will be shipped from the UK to France.

  • The package will cost US$2.2 to be received and US$3.5 to be prepared for shipping out, so the total handling fee is US$5.7.
  • The package minimum shipping cost, as per the shipping rate calculator below, is US$17.48.
  • So the total cost is 5.7+17.48=US$23.18

1. Package Handling Fees

Parcel TypeMaximum Size and WeightReceiving Fee US$Processing Fee US$Storage Fee/Month (After 28 Days) US$
Large LetterMax Weight - 750 g, Max Length - 35.3 cm, Max Width - 25 cm, Max Thickness - 2.5 cm1.51.250.30
Small ParcelMax Weight - 2 kg, Max Length - 45 cm, Max Width - 35 cm, Max Thickness - 16 cm3.52.22
Medium ParcelMax Weight - 20 kg, Max Length - 61 cm, Max Width - 46 cm, Max Thickness - 46 cm3.53.53.5
Large Parcel20 kg - 30 kg555.2

2. Shipping Rate Calculator